What makes a sequence of actions worth doing?

A repeated pattern that helps you to get through your daily task. Practice makes perfect like they always say. Just how we can navigate our way through the darkness (in our homes), we learn a lot about ourselves, and our surroundings; most of this learning is subconscious.

Develop a sequence. Allow the actions to flow and this will become second nature. If something is not sitting right, then a change is needed. Start with something small, like when you get up. What time would you say you wake up? If it isn’t regular throughout the week that could be affecting energy levels throughout the day. Something regular will be beneficial.

The last thing I do before I leave the house is check the door handle twice. If I checked this once, it may not be effective as a terminal point.

Priorities are:Health & Well BeingIncomeRelationships

Allocate myself time in this routine and this will help me to de-stress and maintain a balance.

Gradually your routine will become more refined. Do not be afraid of it’s repetitive nature. We live life the same as yesterday.

“Repetition Repetition Repetition” – Melody Hossaini
This isn’t a quote of words, it is a quote of the passion said with those words.


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