Chapter 3: Cocoon


It’s easy to find light, in the dark. I found that spark, my purpose which I need in life. Images of my career aspirations visually echoing, with every blink. I have gradually discovered, that the follow up question to asking your name, is: “What do you do?”. Reasons for this could be to calculate the amount of respect to give to this person or perhaps to relate to their own daily life.

If you feel like a loser somedays, it is partially due to the people that surround you. You’ve either lost the good company around you or the quality of the company degrades (a bit like how you will if this continues).

The people around you matter as:

-qualities from them are picked up subconciously.
-inspiration/motivation can be found in one other.
-sources of help are available to you.

Working on yourself feels like it needs to be done alone but this is the starting point. You are making the decision for the next step, nobody will make that for you. By hiding in the shade and staying low-key, your own metamorphosis (from caterpillar to butterfly) will happen. As the caterpillar is ready to take a new form, there needs to be some internal change prior to the external changes that will occur. Change up your thinking, think of new angles/perspectives, this helps to find solutions.


Within this period you have to consolidate and reflect about past events, therefore influencing those future decisions. A point of internal reflection. This is an undefined duration of time but is very much essential in one’s life. It can even be as short as taking a breath and saying “Now, what’s next?”.

Some people struggle with executing their plan, but this means more analysis is required. Introspective is needed. Establishing a routine is very useful as tasks stop feeling tedious and become easy. One thing I struggle with is leaving the house, as daft as that sounds. I have this fear I am forgetting something and if I don’t have everything something bad will happen. It’s taken getting used to, but I’ve lived with that feeling a while now.

My not so cool story:

I left the house and thought I didn’t lock the door, I rang my sister and said I’m coming back to check the door (so she knows that I’m not some stranger messing with the door). She was in bed, didn’t have a key, plus she had a cast on her leg. So I walked about 10 mins away and I had come back home… The door ended up being locked already. I am messing with myself here. I had wasted about 15-20 mins of my journey, for such a pathetic reason.

The point of that story was that in the end I came up solutions, and I felt in charge of myself. I really dug deep, and found the reasons why. Routine really helped me for that particular issue. I felt like such a fool but I was probably thinking too much at the time.

You may have other issues that I may not struggle with (vice-versa). It’s up to you to learn and understand yourself. The key to escaping the cocoon IS by understanding yourself. You have got to do some serious thinking, to get serious results. However dark it gets in that cocoon, remember you’re not doing this alone.


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