Chapter 2b: Rejuvenated


-(One year later)-

So I stopped writing for a brief period and now that I’ve rediscovered my blog I need to get cracking.

Following on from Chapter 2


Mental health and physical health should be well looked after at all times. This will have to be your priority, as you have got to look out for yourself nobody is going to: work for you, feed you, cloth you. It’s time to mature and expand your mind. I could write about health forever as, it is a subject that has lots of aspects to it, but this is just a snippet of what you should be doing.


The number one thing one should start with is nutrition, because it is something that can be controlled. Your body needs food (period). If you are not eating the required amount of calories for the day, you will feel fatigued and will have depleted energy levels. You’ve got to experiment with the foods you like and how you like them cooked etc. Try new foods too. This brings me onto my next point which is nutrition, and I personally take vitamin pills to make sure I am “topped up” for the day. Also eating a variety of fruits and vegetable introduces more vitamins and minerals into your diet.

Anything you eat today is giving you fuel for the future, so don’t deny your body of that fuel it needs. The foods that are unhealthy, limit them. You know that they are unhealthy, so why are continuing to eat them? A treat once a day is fine, heck I had some Malteasers yesterday but it helps when you share the packet or save the rest for tomorrow.

Exercise. The word we all so love. Biggest tip is to walk, everywhere. I was walking yesterday and I felt like I was overheating in the library so I just bought some water and hydrated. Take the stairs instead of the escalator/lift. Small substitutions will definitely add up for you.


I will expand further on mental health and mindfulness in “Spirituality”. Absence of stress could also be a bad thing.


Establishing a career provides one with the foundation for life. Being educated can open lots of doors and opportunities for people.

A career goal will give you something to work towards and you need to break this goal down into achievable steps. Tick them off your list and you will get there!

This reminds me of a story I have been told before, about a mother who’s son has a facial deformity. He tells his mother, he was made fun of in the school. She then had said that in life this will happen but what you need to do is become educated, because nobody can take that from you.

I do acknowledge people have still “made it” without going to university, school, or getting apprenticeships etc. but what’s the harm in being educated? You’ve got find the tools you need in order to progress.

Do what you have to do, in order to progress.


This ties with mental health a lot. For me it is about giving yourself time. I work weekends and study during the week so already you can see I don’t have a specific day for myself. There’s always something to do. Not that I don’t enjoy both, it is the fact that I need to give myself time.

Praying is another method that works for people. Giving yourself time, just you and God. I think that is why religion helps people to destress. Reflecting about the past by seeking forgiveness, praying for the best to come in future. It’s about paying more attention.

I have found that having a cup of tea and sitting in a place, where the noise level isn’t too loud, allows me to relax. Blogging has really helped me to jot my thoughts down. Also thinking about starting an art class after my assignment is over. Meeting up with friends is always refreshing too.

Do you ever feel like you are switched on auto-pilot mode for a full day? This is such a dangerous place to be, your productivity is not going to be as high in this state, SNAP OUT OF IT! You need to remember the goals that you have in life and you’ve got to break them down into realistic steps. If you find that difficult, ask yourself why or get a friend to help you come up with steps. I’ve had weeks where I’m on autopilot, the time goes faster and you get distant from everyone.

A purpose in life really helps one to focus. It’s something that should be thought about everyday, and you deserve to give yourself a few minutes. Mindfulness can be implemented in your daily life, on a bus journey perhaps? It is about paying more attention.


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