Chapter 2: Control


I’ve tried to control my actions and I think I’ve found the way. I repeat words or numbers that would sound unusual. Over and over. This makes my body aware otherwise I am unable to snap out of autohypnosis.

I’ve become a lot more spiritual and strong minded. Health, Career and Spirituality are my main areas to improve (these are very significant aspects of life).

I found this obessive manipulation of my own actions was not fitting. I flow with my actions not against them. I never tell myself off now. I get fed up but one must not take it out on your body, it’s only doing what you tell it.

If there’s grease to allow the cogs to slide then the system can turn smoothly. So let things slide, you can’t have everything planned in a precise manner and expect everything to go 100% according to that plan. Allow room for error or miscalculation.


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