Chapter 1: Honesty


I do not intend on this blog being read by anyone, not even by myself. This blog will consist of events in my life, and any powerful emotions/thoughts I feel I must capture, before they become wisps in my mind; never to be remembered again. I wish to document success and failure in order to remember what I must do to become a better version of myself. This shall be a tale of how a deflated (almost) 20 year old man, faces reality with a poetic twist.

Temperature is a measure of average kinetic energy, of particles within a object. As seen at the top, temperature will indicate my mental agitation or mental tension. The negative mental energy must be channeled and used as fuel to keep us moving uphill. Otherwise, you will hit rock bottom. You will see the ulterior motives behind actions that appear helpful. You will see poison in the free coffee given to you. Independence will give you sanctity.

A strange thought came to me. We only remember the days that were different. Think… Change leaves an imprint on our memories. I am blogging because I need change. I need to express myself to give my soul it’s voice back, to reduce the constant static in my brain and ear canals.

This is naked honesty, the gazelle that is centimetres from the claw of the cheetah. It will always catch up.



2 thoughts on “Chapter 1: Honesty”

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment. I’ve really enjoyed the process and I feel like it’s helping me to express certain aspects of life that I am unable to articulate, in a somewhat concise manner. I hope you enjoy reading the other chapters too 👌

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